Linscott Map custom hand

My grandfather, Mellon C. Linscott, was a talented engineer and artist in Maine and NH.  In the 1930’s he was commissioned by the State of Maine and various municipalities to create hand drawn maps.  He incorporated standard elements of cartography, but also included artistic renderings of historical landmarks and recreational activities relevant to the area.  Mellon also dabbled in making chartered maps for individual families.

Linscott maps hand drawn custom cartography

Mellon passed away over 30 years ago, but his idea lives on in Linscott Maps. Our goal is to provide maps that are accurate and functional, include the highest level of custom cartograpy, detailed artwork, and also tell a story.  The theme and detail of each map is determined with a face to face survey with the client.  Our clients typically have one or two generations of history in the area we are capturing, and are active in the preservation and recreational offerings of their natural surroundings.

Scott MacKenzie