Current Projects

Squam Lake Map

Our most recent project is a hand drawn map of Squam Lake completed in July 2017 by Jonathan Golden.  The map is completely done by hand, involving hundreds of hours of detailed work throughout the map.  The map highlights the recreational and conservation areas surrounding the lake, with a unique elevation gain chart for the mountains on the Crawford Ridgepole Trail.  Other detail includes facts and figures about the lake, buoy markers, all point, cove and island names, trails and tertiary roads. This is a one of a kind combination of artwork and cartography that has not been attempted in decades.

The map area is large, 34″ x 36″.  It is double matted, framed with museum glass.  The overall dimensions of the framed map are 44″ x 46″ .


Squam Lake hand drawn map
Framed Map, 44″ x 46″. Double matted with museum glass.
Squam Lake hand drawn map
Elevation Gain Detail and Conservation Area Legend
Squam lake hand drawn map
Detail off Shadbush Cove near Potato and Perch Islands